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About Kwai Hei Street

As a social enterprise based in Kwai Tsing, we are able to contribute to the farmers' livelihood by combining the farming harvests from faraway places with the skillful work of the women in the neighbourhood.


From farmers to neighbors, the underprivileged from far and near have always been our important partners, and in the past two years, we have been rooted in Kwai Fong's Kwai Hei Street, but we have deeply felt the great changes in Hong Kong.


In addition to the international farmers, it is important and meaningful for local stores to support each other. In this way, 13-29 Kwai Hei Street in Kwai Fong, as we like to use the verb in the beginning of our name, has been transformed into "Kwai Hei Street" on the online store of FAIRTASTE, inviting local brands from all walks of life to join hands with a small platform, a small Kwai Hei Street, to stand and walk in this turbulent current.