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Hong Kong Street Eats


The World's First "Frozen Hong Kong Egg Waffles":

Founded in 2017, Hong Kong Street Eats is renowned as the inventor of the “world’s first frozen Hong Kong egg waffle”, taking an iconic Hong Kong snack product, developing mass production technologies, and going beyond its shores to satisfy customers and consumers worldwide.

Just a few minutes in a pre-heated oven or an air-fryer and you can enjoy a Hong Kong Egg Waffle that is crispy on the outside, fluffy in the centre and satisfyingly delicious – anytime, anywhere!


Multiple Quality and Innovation Awards, 100% Made in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Q Mark Quality Product certified, Hong Kong Street Eats is renowned for its R&D as well as uncompromising dedication to quality. Utilizing strict ingredient, quality control as well as production standards, the company stops at nothing to ensure that every product is uniquely Hong Kong quality in its texture and flavours. Nearly all products are natural and preservatives-free.