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FAIRTASTE has been established for 15 years. We have recruited supporters on the road to talk about the relationship between Fair Trade and them, and share what he and she see as FAIRTASTE. The taste of fairness is...

  The Coffee Academics 創辦人 JENNIFER
文慧詩 Manci | M Patisserie 創辦人
伍雅芬 Arlene | Health Concept營養學家
岑少梅 退休教師 | 公平婦作成員
阮文韜 MANFRED|建築師 元新建城創辦人
梁祖堯 | 舞台劇演員
Edwin Lee|Colour Brown Coffee 咖啡士多負責人

Rita | My Fair Lady創辦人

莊文煜 | 怡健堂中醫執行董事