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How can Fair Trade help Consumers?

Changes can be made through daily shopping, turning passive into active.


Fair trade establishes a transparent mechanism that allows consumers to clearly trace the source of products, and can reduce intermediate exploitation and marketing costs, and fair trade encourages and assists producers to produce goods that are friendly to the environment and consumers, creating producers A win-win situation with consumers. Consumers can also express their views on the global trade model by purchasing fair trade commodities.


Consumers do not have to wait for laws or conventions, they can make changes through daily shopping and turn passive into active. Pay attention to the fair trade label when shopping, so that the producers have a stable life and have a better future opportunity; choosing organic products is equivalent to vocalizing the earth, bringing more abundant soil, cleaner water resources, and less insecticidal Agent.


Fair trade makes consumers pay more attention to the source of commodities and the rights of producers, as well as the potential impact of the steps involved in the production process on the environment, and the long-term exploitation of the free trade process, which has a positive impact on the long-term development of society. The vote for the future is in your hands.