印度尼西亞的農民故事 The Story of the Farmers of Indonesia

農民的故事往往被故意壓制或不被聽到。Rizky 和 Nyimas是印度尼西亞的製片人和攝影記者,他們在Covid-19的時侯,為三位農民拍攝了一系列的紀錄片,希望透過近距離拍攝他們的故事,讓遠方的觀衆了解到農民其實與我們日常生活有著密不可分的聯繫。   Rizky and Nyimas, an Indonesian filmmaker and photographer, shot a series of documentaries on three farmers during Covid-19, hoping that by capturing their stories up close and personal, they would show viewers from afar that farmers are in fact inextricably linked to our daily lives.     而其中一位正是印度尼西亞的農民 – Ponisih And one of them is a farmer from Indonesia – Ponisih          對Ponisih和她的家人來說,椰子樹是他們的生計和遺產。 每個糖袋後面都貼着繁重的勞動,他們每一天的一大清早就開始砍伐樹木。 然後,將樹液和水混合,煮成糖漿,使其乾燥結晶。 然後,就像在店裏看到的那樣,把乾燥的樹液分解成糖粒。這是他們每天的工作。   隨着大流行病滲透到更大的城市,Ponisih的家人在哈戈羅約村的家中感到安全。但後來一切都變了,COVID-19的delta變體突然出乎意料地擴散。Ponisih的家人亦不幸受到感染。幸好,Ponisih工作的合作社迅速做出反應,立即採取救濟措施,並提高農民的長期抵禦能力,情況才得而好轉。   Ponisih 曾經從印度尼西亞爪哇島的鄉村逃到城市。為了過上更好的生活,她離開了她親愛的家,但卻發現城裡的生活並沒有想像中的那麼迷人,常常充滿了掙扎和匱乏。最後,她決定回到鄉下,繼續祖先的傳統:成為一名椰子糖農。   現在她會跟大家說 “我很高興成為一名農民” 。   而Fairtrade亦在 2020 年設立了兩個基金,以支持生產者更好地應對這場流行病。迄今為止,印度尼西亞已有超過8 個生產者組織將其用於各種措施,他們特別關注如何改善基礎設施和生產,共影響了數千名農民。   For Ponisih and her family, the coconut trees are their livelihood and their legacy. Behind each sugar sack is the laborious task of cutting down the trees early in the morning. Then, the sap is mixed with water and boiled into syrup, which is dried and crystallized. Then, as you can see in the store, the dried sap is broken down into sugar grains. This is what they do every day. As the pandemic spread to the larger city, Ponisih's family felt safe in their home in the village of Hagoroyo. But then everything changed when the delta variant of COVID-19 suddenly and unexpectedly spread, and Ponisih's family was unfortunately infected. Fortunately, the cooperative where Ponisih works responded quickly with immediate relief measures and long-term farmer resilience, and the situation improved. Ponisih had fled from his village in Java, Indonesia, to the city. She left her beloved home for a better life, but found that life in the city was not as glamorous as she had imagined and was often filled with struggle and deprivation. Finally, she decided to return to the countryside and continue the tradition of her ancestors: to become a coconut sugar farmer. Now she tells everyone, "I'm happy to be a farmer. And Fairtrade has set up two funds in 2020 to support producers in better coping with the epidemic. So far, more than eight producer organizations in Indonesia have used them for various initiatives, with a particular focus on improving infrastructure and production, affecting thousands of farmers.   想看關於Ponisih的記錄片,請到以下網址: https://farmers-documentary.fairtrade.net/story/ponisih   To see the documentary about Ponisih, please go to the following website: https://farmers-documentary.fairtrade.net/story/ponisih              

【公平貿易知多點】COVID-19 疫情下, 公平貿易能做些什麼? What can Fair Trade do under COVID-19 epidemic?

在過去的一年裡,恢復“正常”對許多人來說仍然是一個遙遠的希望。即使接種疫苗的人數上昇,染疫人數依然有增無減。這無奈對經濟有長期的負面影響,亦意味著全球許多人,包括公平貿易的農民和工人,仍然面臨著艱苦的鬥爭。   去年 11 月,公平貿易與多個部門的合作夥伴合作,獲得了超過 1500 萬歐元的資金,以支持公平貿易生產者採取即時救濟和長期恢復措施。爲了應對新冠肺炎的負面影響,公平貿易與合作伙伴一起開展支援農民和工人的活動。活動在加勒比海、拉丁美洲、亞洲和非洲57個國家舉行,超過949個生產者組織受益,對超過55萬名農民和工人的生活產生積極影響。   例如在非洲,超過330個生產者組織在19個國家將資金用於各種倡議。 從安裝太陽能電池板到生產肥皂以保護社區和創造額外收入。其中一個例子是科特迪瓦比較新的可可合作社SCOPPSPMB,它決定支持當地年輕人和婦女尋找新的、多樣化的收入方式。 她們制定了"女性商務倡議",爲17名合作企業經營者提供資金和研修,幫助他們維持或擴大事業。通過該項目,生產者組織還創建了兩個 500 平方米的家禽養殖場,為 20 名年輕人提供當地就業機會。   而在加勒比和拉丁美洲,10個國家的320多個生產者組織獲得了資金支持。很大一部分資金被用來支付增加的生產成本,確保安全協議的實施或向被隔離的社區提供食品供應。洪都拉斯的咖啡生產者PROEXO利用這些資金為一些因其所在地點、收入狀況或年齡組而被認爲是最脆弱的成員購買了安全包(個人防護工具)。現在每個人和員工都感到更安全、更受保護,以應對 COVID-19 危機。   *資料來源: Fairtrade International       In the past year, a return to "normal" has remained a distant hope for many. Even with the rise in vaccinations, the number of people infected continues to grow. This inevitably has a long-term negative impact on the economy and means that many people around the world, including Fair Trade farmers and workers, are still facing an uphill battle.   Last November, Fairtrade, in collaboration with partners across multiple sectors, secured over €15 million in funding to support Fairtrade producers with immediate relief and long-term recovery measures. In response to the negative impact of Newcastle Pneumonia, Fairtrade worked with partners on activities to support farmers and workers. Activities were held in 57 countries in the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and Africa, benefiting more than 949 producer organizations and positively impacting the lives of more than 550,000 farmers and workers.   In Africa, for example, more than 330 producer organizations in 19 countries used their funds for a variety of initiatives. From installing solar panels to producing soap to protect communities and generate additional income. One example is the relatively new cocoa cooperative SCOPPSPMB in Côte d'Ivoire, which has decided to support local young people and women in finding new and diverse ways to earn income. They developed the Women's Business Initiative, which provides funding and training to 17 cooperative business operators to help them maintain or expand their businesses. Through the project, the producers' organization also created two 500-square-meter poultry farms, providing local employment opportunities for 20 young people.   In the Caribbean and Latin America, more than 320 producer organizations in 10 countries received financial support. A large portion of the funds were used to cover increased production costs, ensure the implementation of safety protocols or provide food supplies to isolated communities. PROEXO, a coffee producer in Honduras, used these funds to purchase safety kits (personal protection tools) for some of its members who were considered most vulnerable because of their location, income status or age group. Now everyone and their employees feel safer and more protected in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.   *Source: Fairtrade International  

【活動回顧 Activity Review】2021 Decathlon秋山遊營 Hello Outdoor!

     11月秋高氣爽,最適合去行山,享受遠離塵囂的自在感,山水設備最為人熟悉的品牌之一Decathlon在過去三個星期就將山系元素帶到市區,舉行了一場露營文化祭。特別的是,Decathlon團隊覺得行山要有咖啡相隨才有那種感覺,所以我們就受邀去了一起玩,很明顯是一條用家team,深明行山用家的樂趣所在,像行山+咖啡一樣,和我們一拍即合。除了我們細味公平,H-House也是另一個相逢恨晚的好朋友,她們的咖啡設備相當有質感(尤其是咖啡杯!),在裝飾佈置也是高手,令我們的攤位生色不少。説了這麼多,帶大家看看當天的活動照片吧,還有不要錯過Decathlon x FAIRTASTE x H-House的精彩影片!   Decathlon, one of the most familiar brands of mountain equipment, brought mountain elements to the city and held a camping culture festival in the past three weeks. The Decathlon team felt that the feeling of hiking is only possible with coffee, so we were invited to play together. In addition to our fine taste fair, H-House is also another good friend that we hate to meet, their coffee equipment is quite quality (especially the coffee cup!) They are also great at decorating and making our booth look great. With that said, let's take a look at the photos of the event and don't miss the Decathlon x FAIRTASTE x H-House video!      

【生活小知識】咖啡渣還有用嗎? Life's Knowledge: Is coffee grounds still useful?

其實咖啡是一種多用途的植物。咖啡豆經烘焙後可成為咖啡飲品、咖啡果皮則可當作茶飲,而咖啡果肉亦可以製成酒或香水。就連咖啡渣也有很多用途,今天就一起認識咖啡渣的使用方法吧!   1. 天然除臭去濕劑 咖啡渣具有防潮除濕除臭的效果的能力,可以將咖啡渣裝在無紡布茶包,放在廁所、鞋櫃或冰箱除味。   2. 天然肥料 咖啡渣中含氮、磷、鉀等營養元素,也有少量的鎂和銅,鉀、鎂、銅元素,能讓植物長得更健康。首先,要將咖啡渣埋在土壤中或密封發酵,3~5個月之後變成完全腐熟的肥料方可使用。在堆肥中混入20-25%的咖啡渣便可,或每兩星期在泥土表面施肥就足夠。   3. 天然染色劑 咖啡渣是其中一種提煉啡色染料的主要材料,而且是天然色素,十分安全。   4. 天然香薰 將大豆蠟隔水煮融成液體,再加入1-2茶匙咖啡渣,再倒入已放入棉芯的容器中即可。這樣的大豆蠟燭在點燃時會發出淡淡的咖啡香氣。     In fact, coffee is a multi-purpose plant. Coffee beans can be roasted and turned into coffee drinks, coffee peels can be used as tea, and coffee pulp can also be made into wine or perfume. Even coffee grounds also have many uses, let's learn how to use coffee grounds today! 1. natural deodorant dehumidifier Coffee grounds have the ability to dehumidify and deodorize the effect of moisture, you can put coffee grounds in a non-woven tea bag, put in the toilet, shoe cabinet or refrigerator deodorant. 2. Natural Fertilizer Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients, as well as small amounts of magnesium and copper, potassium, magnesium and copper elements, which can make plants grow healthier. First, coffee grounds should be buried in the soil or sealed and fermented for 3-5 months to become a fully rotted fertilizer before use. Mix 20-25% of coffee grounds into the compost pile, or apply fertilizer to the surface of the soil every two weeks. 3. Natural coloring agent Coffee grounds are one of the main materials used to make brown dye, and it is a natural pigment that is very safe. 4. Natural Aromatherapy Boil soy wax in water and melt it into a liquid, add 1-2 teaspoons of coffee grounds and pour it into a container with a cotton wick. The soy candle will give off a light coffee aroma when lit.    


  公平貿易是以生產者為本,著重如何透過貿易以改善生產者的生活狀況。透過減少貿易過程中對生產者的剝削,保障發展中國家的農民和工人有合理的工作環境與回報,並減低對環境的損害。同時,消費者亦可以合理價格購買獲得公平貿易組織認證、貼有公平貿易標籤的商品,締造可持續發展的公義社會。 為了讓大家更快地了解公平貿易的基本概念,我們整理了以下的"公平貿易六大原則"。   1. 生產者發言權 小農組成合作社,以民主方式決定如何運用社區發展金(生產成果額外回報),改善生活質素。   2. 自願勞動 公平貿易確保工人在自願情況下提供所有工作服務,拒絕強迫勞動和任何形式的剝削及虐待。   3. 合理回報 合理工資最起碼等同當地生活工資,經生產者和商人協商及彼此同意後制定。公平貿易亦保障生產者享有最低收購價,確保生產者在市場價格浮動下能賺取足夠支付平均生產成本的回報。   4. 愛護大自然 公平貿易鼓勵不同保護環境的措施,如植樹造林、禁止使用有害農業化學物及提供氣候適應培訓等。   5. 性別平等 公平貿易要求生產者組織實施明確政策推廣性別平等。女性可以在組織成為領袖、享有同工同酬及全面法定僱員保障等。公平貿易還會培育、支持和賦予婦女權力,特意設立保密投訴機制,防止女性在工作中受到任何暴力,騷擾和性虐待。   6. 安全工作環境 農民和工人可享有安全和穩定的工作環境,包括工作程序及機械和工具的操作,而公平貿易認證的小農會把社區發展金投放於當地的社區基本設施,改善環境及社區健康。