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Vision and Mission

Fair Taste (HK) Ltd. is a Hong Kong based social enterprise to promote Fair Trade, organic products and ethical consumption.

Through Fair Taste, we bring producers and consumers close, support producers to reduce property, and let consumers enjoy healthy and quality food and contribute to environment protection and poverty reduction.

Connecting You to Fair Trade

  • We reinforce consumer confidence by sourcing high quality products.
  • We protect the nature by importing eco-friendly products.
  • We reduce poverty by ensuring the producers get a reasonable return.
  • We create job opportunities by working with local social enterprises.


Giving Producers a Fair Share

Fair Taste believes that a responsible enterprise should minimize negative environmental impacts; provide a safe working environment and a reasonable return to its workers. We adhere to our profit distribution policy:

Not less than 25% will be given back to the producers.
Not less than 50% will be maintained as working capital, staff welfare and development fund.
Not more than 25% will be given out as shareholder dividend.