Partner with Fairtaste

Work with us! No matter what type of industry, or type of business you own; Fairtaste is your partner. 

Non-government organization:


We offer a wide range of services that can fit your budget and your customers' satisfaction.  Give us a call and talk to our representative. 


Our Partners are:

  • Markets
  • Offices
  • Distributions
  • Supermarket
  • Cafes / Restaurant


Wholesale Benefits:

  • Custom-made support
  • Consistent quality 
  • Team building 
  • Workshops



Private Label

Over the years, we have created many private label products, from coffee blends to mooncakes to nuts. Are you interested in your own private label food product? Please contact our sales rep!




Going through a lot of coffee each week? Need more than 100 kg? Let us know! We can work with you based on what your needs are. We ship and deliver all over Hong Kong. We can get you what you need.  Or simply sign up for our Pantry subscription program.