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Carrying the delicious memories of three generations |Bringing traditional home-made and simple flavors to the supermarket shelves

Angela grew up in a group of women who are very good at cooking. Every day, she watched her mother make fried chicken with salt, hand chopped mud carp balls, and her mother's stuffed squid with shrimp gel, baked rice with pork loin and liver, the most fun time for children is squatting on her mother's lap, directing the women in the family to cook, and also to go to the supermarket with her mother to search for all kinds of food.
At the age of 7, she said to her sister: let us have our own products to sell in the supermarket one day, then we can see other people try the food at home every day, that is a great thing.


Firmly develop our own brand

After graduation, I naturally joined a famous fast-marketing brand to work in marketing, and spent most of my career in different positions from product development, marketing and end sales, launching many successful products and holding countless events. Then I remembered the unfinished dream that I had been hiding in my heart, so I came up with the idea of creating my own healthy food package and no-additive sauce, so that busy city people, no matter how busy they are, can still taste healthy food. No matter how busy you are, you can still enjoy cooking easily.

I thought I had a lot of experience in product development and marketing, but I didn't know that when I started my own business, I had to do everything myself, from purchasing, production, advertising design and transportation. All the theories and strategies have become illusory, which makes me feel that my previous theories on paper are impractical and the so-called successes may be just some stacked figures. Although my work is now a hundred times harder than before, and my parents are full of questions, and I feel sorry for my daughter for doing heavy work, the satisfaction of seeing that I have practically turned concepts into reality, and that they are recognized by customers, is something that cannot be replaced by work.

Extraordinary from Ordinary
When I was a child, I saw my mother go all the way to buy a stick of soy sauce to make soy sauce chicken, and my mother-in-law insist on making ribs with her own plums. However, market sauces often contain additives, preservatives and chemicals, so she began to develop natural sauces, hoping to add deliciousness to food with natural ingredients, creating extraordinary flavors and cooking methods in ordinary seasonings.

Versatile. Simple. Natural
The concept and characteristics of ONEMOREDISH sauces are versatile, simple and natural. I've heard many of my friends say that they buy a ton of sauces, but most of them are only used a few times before they are put into 'cold storage' and eventually expire. In fact, I am one of those people, so when developing my own sauces, versatility is one of the key criteria, and I hope that one sauce can be used to make a variety of dishes and cooking methods. The four sauces now available can be fried, stir-fried, and served with cooked vegetables or meats to create chef-worthy dishes. Each sauce is made in Hong Kong in our own workshop without any preservatives, artificial colors or additives. The sauces can be used with different dishes and cooked in a variety of ways. Easy to use, simple, and quick, it is easy for novices and experts alike to create a great taste.

Forgotten Taste of the Past
Here you can find lard and scallion oil full of ancient flavor, but also innovative healthy fresh flavor powder. Like lard, the most common and seemingly evil seasoning, my friends always ask me in amazement? (Ha! Ha! Ha! We use local organic black hair pigs, add ginger, and make it by hand with slow fire. Lard contains no trans fats and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins B and D, which are essential for the human body and are definitely the new healthy cooking oil. It can be used in rice, stir-fry, and seasoning for a more meaty flavor. I would like to give everyone a chance to taste these forgotten flavors of the past.
The onion oil is made from local red onions, Chinese Peking onions and Japanese alliums. The red onion is used for its pungent aroma, the Japanese onion for its unique fragrance, and the Peking onion for its slight spiciness, making a versatile sauce with many layers. In order to fully utilize the oil, we use a small pot to fry the green onion twice to avoid too many green onions lowering the temperature of the oil, and at the same time, to achieve the double effect of green onion flavor. We hope to achieve the extraordinary in every sauce, which is a handmade taste that cannot be replaced by machines.


Excellence by Classics insist on the ancient method of handmade
I used to be told by my great-grandmother every day that mud carp balls should be hand chopped to have that solid and elastic texture, and salt-baked chicken should be fried from raw to cooked, so that the chicken will have salt flavor even in the bones. I insist on making a series of health drinks by hand, never simplifying the process, not using semi-finished products or machine instead, in order to retain the best efficacy of the product, to ensure the quality of raw materials and taste experience, to provide customers with rare handmade products in the market. When you visit our factory, you may see us working hard to squeeze pear juice or picking red date cores, many people may wonder why we don't buy ready-made pear juice? Why don't we buy ready-made pear juice? Why don't we buy pitted red dates? It's important to know that pear juice may have been destroyed during transportation or may have been mixed with spoiled pears. The pears are usually preserved with sulfur. This is what we insist on.

Top quality ingredients, only the best

We choose only the best ingredients for each drink, instead of using a single supplier to provide all the ingredients, we choose a variety of quality ingredient stores, because we understand that a single supplier cannot be the best at all ingredients, we strive to make every ingredient of our products the best and purest. Our own factory in Hong Kong. The entire production process is made and packaged in Hong Kong, and every process is monitored to ensure hygiene, safety and quality.

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