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About WanToEat

「WanToEat」means finding foods. As a Hong Konger, finding something to eat is a basic skill, and every day, no matter good or bad, finding something to eat can always bring some happiness. The highest level of food hunting is to find delicious and healthy food.

When I was young, my teacher asked me to write three diary entries for each week, and the soup I drank today was the opening line of each diary entry. After I grew up, because of my job, I could not eat in the house many times, and I also like to go out to eat around, but I always think that soup is the best to drink in the house.

Therefore, I want to make a box of warm baked soup to give myself a warm baked soup when I eat in my busy life.

After this idea, we went on a trip to Taiwan and got to know the brand Lakewood, and we love its concept!

A Chinese herbal drink with no Chinese medicine flavor, quietly infused into daily maintenance.

Their Products: