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FAIRTASTE is a Fair Trade brand under Fair Taste (HK) Ltd, a self-sustaining social business devoted to promoting Fair Trade, organic products and ethical consumption. FAIRTASTE products are Fair Trade, organic, locally made, delicious, fresh and free of additives. We believe everyone can contribute to a sustainable future by buying, serving and gifting Fair Trade products.

產品夥伴 Product Partner



Divine巧克力從1998年開始在英國生產美味的公平貿易和無棕櫚油巧克力,2007年開始在美國銷售,2011年開始在加拿大銷售。 該公司由加納庫阿帕·科庫(Kuapa Kokoo)的農民從一開始就優先考慮農民,只使用公平貿易可可,並投資於農民主導的項目,包括改善農業技術、授權婦女和支持公平勞動行爲。 該公司不僅是公平貿易的領頭羊,也是B-Corporation認證者公認的"世界最佳社區"的多年獲獎者。


Divine Chocolate has been making delicious Fairtrade and palm oil-free chocolate since 1998 in the UK and has been sold in the US since 2007 and in Canada since 2011. Established by farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana, from the start, the company has prioritized farmers, used only Fairtrade cocoa, and invested in farmer-led programs including improving farming techniques, empowering women, and supporting fair labour practices. The company is not only a Fairtrade leader, but also a multi-year honoree recognized as “Best for the World – Communities” by B-Corporation certifiers.



Traidcraft是一間由基督徒組織的英國公平貿易公司,希望透過公平貿易來改善貧窮。除了出售優質的公平貿易產品外,Traidcraft又成立慈善組織Traidcraft Exchange,與非洲及亞洲的貧窮生產者緊密合作,協助擴充生意,發展市場及促進貿易效率。


Traidcraft is a UK-based Fair Trade organization established in 1979 by Christians with the mission to fight poverty through trade. Traidcraft also has a charitable arm called Traidcraft Exchange, an international development charity that works with poor producers in Africa and Asia by helping them grow their business, find markets and to engage effectively in trade.





Clipper has been an ethical business since it all started more than 25 years ago. Clipper products are made with pure and natural ingredients with a clear conscience. It uses only the highest-quality sources with no added artificial and it strives to improve the welfare of workers. No wonder Clipper tastes so good!

Equal Exchange


Equal Exchange於1986年成立,是一間由一百名工人共同擁有,以民主及環保方式去運作的生產者合作社。他們希望透過公平貿易去建立一個平等、民主和可持續發展的世界


Equal Exchange was established in 1986 as a democratic worker cooperative with 100 worker-owners. Through Fair Trade, they hope to build a fair, democratic, and sustainable world.